2020-21 Departmental Plan - Supplementary Information Table - Gender-based analysis plus

Governance structures The National Security and Intelligence Review Agency will establish a GBA+ Champion in the year ahead, to raise awareness among staff and to provide guidance on how to incorporate GBA+ analytical processes into our work and decision-making.
Human resources Staffing a growing number of positions will be a priority for the National Security and Intelligence Review Agency in 2020-21. While no FTE will be devoted to GBA+ on a full-time basis, a GBA+ Champion will be named.

In the year ahead, fostering a diverse and inclusive workforce will be an important staffing objective for our growing organization.
Planned initiatives Over the year ahead, NSIRA will engage with diverse stakeholder groups to better understand concerns regarding the differential impacts of national security and intelligence activities.

NSIRA will explore training tools for staff to ensure that considerations related to GBA+ are incorporated into our work.
Reporting capacity and data N/A
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